Monday, July 29, 2013

The Pink Elephant Challenge Monday

Hello everyone!  I do hope you had a good weekend.  I am coming out of a funk that I've been in, my uncle passed away on Wednesday and I've just felt very weird and sad.  I had a good weekend of a lot of downtime and just relaxing with my kids.  Hollyanne and I had a mini beauty day, I got my hair cut and she had her eyebrows done and then we went to Target and I bought new bath towels.

Well, this week's challenge is up at The Pink Elephant.  This week's theme is...


This is another challenge for me, even though I have two boys, it's still hard for me to create with a masculine theme.  I couldn't find some pictures of my youngest son that I wanted to use, I've been sharing so much of Brendan that I figured I am boring everyone with his graduation that I decided on a different route.  One of my cousins, Matthew, was a good route.  My cousins are HUGE Oakland Raider fans, so I thought I'd give it a shot.  Don't let him fool you either, his tattoos and appearance make him look kinda scary but he's not, he's the biggest teddy bear ever and a man who has the biggest soft spot for his children.

I did pick a picture where he's actually smiling, this softens him up a lot.  Yep, the bottom picture is of his arms with the largest Raiders tattoo I've ever seen.  He has to lay one arm on top of the other for one to see the full tattoo.  He's also since shaved off that scruff from his chin.  Thank goodness!  LOL

Please join us this week for challenge - make a card or do a scrapbook page - it doesn't matter, we love seeing it all.  Have a great Monday!

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Sheri Gilson said...

Great masculine layout, Melissa!

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