Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ribbon, Ribbon & MORE Ribbon

I decided a few weeks ago that I absolutely needed to go the ribbon outlet in Hagerstown. I called my Mom up and we headed out there after Hollyanne's dance class this morning. Would you like to see what I got for $5?

Yes! I seriously got ALL this ribbon for five bucks! They had bins that were marked "fill a bag for .99 cents" (I got 14 spools, they didn't have a great selection) - they had other spools marked down to .50 cents (I got 2) and then I found the reason why the gas is worth spending on going there... the .25 cents a bag ribbon. I grabbed 12 bags of ribbon for $3.00!! And let me tell ya! These bags are quart size storage ziplocs FULL of ribbon!! I am so doing the happy dance!!
Yes, I'll share. Some of all this yummy ribbon will be part of the blog candy. Stay tuned, I'm shopping at Memory Lane tomorrow for the goodies.

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Anonymous said...

Jeepers....look at all that ribbon!! So jealous!!!!

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