Friday, June 25, 2010

My New Space

Hello!  I am so excited that I finally have my space pretty much set up.  I still have a few other details to take care of but I am done enough to have some play time.  I have so many design commitments to catch up on but I am up for the challenge.  I've missed the creativity time.

I have a few pictures of my space to share with you.  I'll be back later with a card.

Here's my desk space.  I miss having two tables set up, but I think having only this much table room will help me keep my messes to a minimum.

Another view.

And here's my storage space.  I'm a little worried about where to put the stuff that I have in storage that's not here yet - I do really miss my LARGE bin of ribbon and can't wait to get it back.

Well, I'm off to finish a card to share with you later.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Jessica G. said...

Wow, Melissa, that was fast! I only had to move downstairs and I still don't have my space done or all my supplies set up.

Great space; I'm sure your mojo will be back in full force with this efficient, organized space!!

Theresa said...

Yikes!! It's so small, but you are the princess of space (mom is the queen) and you'll make it work. Get those space cubes from Walmart - they'll help!!

Kathie said...

Hi Melissa, Welcome to your new home and your new crafting room, it looks so tidy and orgainised mine is like that each time I tidy it up. I'm so proud of you that you have it all unpacked already our last shift took me ages to get unpacked I did have a 5 and 3 year old to help me or get in my way.

1CardCreator said...

Great space Melissa! I love the bookcases with the drawers. Looks like you have it all together. I hope you and your family have fun in your new home. Thanks for sharing, take care. ~Diane

CanadianScraps43 said...

Melissa so happy to see that you have a space for yourself. It looks great. At least you have an area all for yourself. I scrapbook at my table, but I do have cabinet with all of my scrappy goodies.
Glad to see that you got to your destinatin safe and sound. Praying for you sweetie. Have lots of fun in your new space. Hugs.

sweetbloominscraps said...

You are way too tidy!!!! But it looks wonderful...just wish I could keep my room looking that way all the time! One card and my room turns into a ZOO! Have a great week!

Arlana 11426 said...

Wow miss orgination. Your room look so tidy and to perfection. Looks like you have alot of fun stuff. My husband said to me when we moved that un packing my craft room was more impertant then unpacking the rst of the house. Enjoy your new place. Have a sweet week.

Sheri Gilson said...

Wooo Hooo....glad to see you all moved in!! Have fun playing now!!

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