Monday, June 10, 2013

The Pink Elephant Monday

Hello everyone!  I hope your Monday is off to a great start after having a fabulous weekend.  My weekend was uber busy with recital.  Hollyanne danced beautifully as did all the other girls.  She looked fabulous as did all the other girls.  And I worked my bahooty off during the first two shows.  I dressed little girls, I escorted little girls to the theater to do their performance and did a lot of running and up down up down.  So last night after we got home from the last performance my knee did something wacky and hasn't stopped popping with every step.  I'm exhausted, my knee is swollen but it's all worth it!

Now, enough about me.  Tell me what you did this weekend.  But before you click on the comment link, The Pink Elephant's challenge is up and this week it's...

Father's Day

Tough challenge for me since I personally do not have a Dad to honor.  My real Dad has been out of the picture since I was a baby only making a brief appearance sporadically throughout my life, my other Dad died 18 years ago and I already did a page on him and my kids' Dad.... well, ugh, is about the best I can say.  So I was going to opt out of this challenge but then it hit me, why not do a page on a Father who is a wonderful man, loves his kids and is just one of my favorite people in the whole wide world.  My cousin, Christopher.

I swiped these pictures of him and his kids when they were really little out of his Facebook album and created this page using the sketch from The Deconstructed Sketch.  The sketch challenge is meant for a card, but hey, in my opinion cards are just mini scrapbook pages anyway.

Please join us at The Pink Elephant and play along!

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Jessi Fogan said...

I know the dance teachers must truly appreciate all your help! Those kind of events are CRAZY busy! I hope your knee heals up quickly - my knee goes out now & then & it totally sucks.

I love that you've honoured your cousin like this. My dad is useless, my grandfathers have passed away...but my kids do have a great dad. I get stressed out every year making FD cards for customers, because even after this long I still feel sad about my own dad this time of year.

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