Sunday, March 30, 2014

Silhouette Sunday

Good Morning!  Happy Sunday.  I hope the weekend is going well for you.  It's not too bad for me, my two youngest children are off to the beach with their dad, Brendan will hole up in his room all day, so essentially I have the house to myself.

This week's Silhouette Sunday share is a really cute cut design by Lori Whitlock.  This is an easel card with gift drawer box.  I made this for my daughter's friend who had a birthday party yesterday.  Really cute!!  Now I did watch Lori's assembly video and you know how after you watch a video more related ones will pop up?  Well, I saw a bunch of cards just like this so it's not a new design, Lori just made it easier and letting the Silhouette do all the hard work.

I did have to think a bit to identify pieces and plan the cutting, but I referred back to the video a lot to do that, that was very helpful.  I guess the drawback of buying from the Silhouette Online store is that you don't get instructions with it.  Oh well!

The drawer is perfect for a gift card and in this case, there's a box with a new belly button ring for the birthday girl.

The cut file also comes with a gift box for presentation.  I did find that when closing it up it didn't fit so well, but I got it to work and she probably won't keep it, so it's OK.

So there you have it.  Fun, easy and it's a great presentation.  Have a great day!

PS - I don't think I made the design team.  I didn't get an acknowledgement of my application and selectees were to be informed Friday.  :0(   Maybe next time.

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