Friday, November 14, 2014

Decorating for Fall with Designs on Cloud 9

Hello DC9 fans!  I have created a super fun Fall decoration and now I feel it's a bit late since I'm seeing so many parts of the US being bombarded with cold and snow.  My sister said the other day that it was -2 in Denver.  Bleh!  Temps like that make me happy that I live in Florida.  It gets cold here, too, but I think the lowest low I've had to experience is 27 degrees.

Anyway, for those of us still feeling Fall, here's a decoration I created using Silly Scarecrow (on the Silhouette Online store I think he's called Cute Scarecrow - and if you want to purchase him, I would suggest directly in the shop because you get a few more pieces for the same price).

I purchased the small sized straw bale from Walmart, cut the wires that bind it and removed about 1/4 from the side and then tied up with jute.  This is a messy process, but the results are great.  I glued the bale to some scrap cardboard and then glued some extra straw pieces to around it to camouflage the cardboard.  The scarecrow I glued to a bamboo skewer, poked a hole and then filled it with hot glue and then adhered the scarecrow.  For the pumpkins, I did the same thing but with toothpicks.  I made the sign post myself, it's not included in the file.

Super easy and looks great on my entry-way table.  I hope you like my project and thank you so much for stopping by.

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Jessi Fogan said...

This is just beyond precious!! Love the hay bale & that adorable sign!
And yes, it's cold. It seemed to happen fast this year - I was wearing sandals Thursday, and Friday BOOM the snow. Yuck.

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