Saturday, August 8, 2015

Decorating with Vinyl - DigiPlayground Style

Hello friends!  I hope all is well!  Today is my birthday, so when I found out that my tutorial day would be today I had so many ideas to share.  Those ideas slowly faded away as work got busier.  My busiest time of year is August to January - I work in benefits, so we have to be ready for everyone to enroll in their heathcare benefits in the fall.

Anyway, so I was talking to my sister and she said she wanted to learn how to dress of Dollar Store cups with vinyl.  I will say, there are some great video tutorials on You Tube that discuss all you ever need to know about vinyl.  But here it goes....

I found this cup at Dollar Tree.  I loved the citrus is was already decorated with and thought a flower would be perfect.  I am using Nic Squirrell's Sunflower.  I am sending this one to my sister - we have a thing about sunflowers - it's like saying "you are my sunshine."

OK here's how... and please don't cringe at my dry, wrinkly hands.  They aren't normally like this, but lotions are a big no-no with this craft.

Step 1 - Start with some cups
Step 2 - After washing them thoroughly, wipe surface with alcohol
Step 3 - Arrange your images on your digital cutting mat
Step 4 - Cut your vinyl down to size, if you cut on a mat like I do
Step 5 - Apply transfer paper to your prepared design.
Step 6 - Apply to surface of cup, burnish well, peel off transfer tape carefully

Tips:  When removing the vinyl to expose your images, remove carefully, you just might lose some images.  Ask me how I know.  Use a needle when wicking out tiny pieces.  Be patient with this part, you'll be happier with the results.

Here are a couple others I did using Nic Squirrells Layered Butterfly Papercut, Leaf and Flower Border and Samantha Walker's font Perfect Susan font.

OK - I'm off to my friends pool and to break these cups in right!

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