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Brutus Monroe - Envelope Box Card

 Hello friends - thank you for stopping by.  I appreciate your visit.  My card share for this week for Brutus Monroe features many products from the March release.  Can I just say, I am totally enamored by this release.

I made this card using the WRMK 1-2-3 Punchboard.  This was a challenge to figure out and I'm not sure my directions are still quite right.  I went through several proto-types.  But here my basic instructions - please ensure you follow every carpenters golden rule "measure twice - cut once" - I say measure more.

Start with a 7 5/8” square piece of cardstock.  Using the 1-2-3 Envelope Punchboard and following the score mark for a 4” x 5” card size, make the envelope box but do not score on top and bottom.  Then round the corners.  Line up the rounded edge of the top in your paper trimmer at 6 ½” – this will be a little tricky, but I used a ruler lined up at 6 ½ vertically and then bumped the rounded corner up against the metal ruler.  Cut the bottom off and set aside.  Fold on your score lines and burnish.  Cut a strip of card stock at 1 ¾” x 5 1/8 and score at 3/8” on both ends.  Then trim off a hair from each end.  I ultimately cut off 1/8” of each end.  Then adhere this strip to the inside of your envelope box, butting the edge to the back.  Do one side and then the other – this I found the easiest and ensured that the overall card will lay flat.  Then take the bottom piece you cut off earlier and cut off sides and trim to your liking.  Mine measures about 2 ¼ cutting off the rounded corner ¼” inch.  You don’t have to do this, I personally don’t like the corner or rounded corner sticking up in the middle of the envelope.  But, you do you, create your own ending.  I also followed a really old video of Christopher Alan’s for how to use the 1-2-3 Punchboard to create a lining for envelope.  But basically I made the same size as the base and then just trimmed off the sides and the bottom used that for my decorative panel.  I added this before I adhered the inside cross bar and bottom part of the envelope on.  Then decorate as you wish!  I used strips of heavy acetate on the butterflies.  If you want your sentiment to be directly on the card and not a separate element, stamp this first before adhering the bottom to the base.

Ultimately, I think once you get through one, making more will be super easy to do!  I hope my card inspires you to try something new or different or maybe even old.  I know I've had this punchboard for than 10 years and every time I use it I think to myself, why don't I use this more often?!

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Debi said...

This is gorgeous! I love the colors!

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