Thursday, July 26, 2007

Creative block???

I'm working on some projects tonight to get ready to vend at an all day crop. So far all I've managed to get done is pay some bills (finally!). I have gotten so bad about sitting down every week to write out the checks I know I have to get in the mail! Oh well, it's done and nothing is late... yet.

OK so I'm staring at one my new sets of stamps that I just got from Stampin' Up! and I'm so totally in love with this set that I'm afraid to get it dirty. Is that silly or what! But, I plan to create a 12x12 page class kit using this wonderful stamp set. Oh! I didn't tell you the name, silly me! It's called Priceless. Have you seen it? If not, check this out!!
Is this not the cutest stamp set you've ever seen!
It's so trendy and so sweet. It's going to fit in just about everywhere I want to put it... except maybe a major boy page.
Anyway, so I'm trying to come up with a simple, yet very impressive page that will have people booking lots of parties! I'll post later to let you see what I've come up with.

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