Saturday, July 7, 2007

Living la vida loca!!

Is this just the cutest picture you've ever seen? I love this picture of my sweet Grandma.

This gorgeous page was made by my sister Karin and it's just awesome!! The colors have so much Latin flair and all the different punches she used to give it texture and life. The lettering is a combination of stamping with paint and chipboard letters.

The picture is of my grandma, Josephine Gonzales, taken at (Karin correct me if I'm wrong) the nursing home she resided in until she passed away. I believe it was a Cinco de Mayo celebration, so they served Mexican dishes outside and Grandma put on her sunglasses and sombrero and joined in the celebration.

We miss our Grandma so much, but looking at photos like these - you have to smile through the tears!

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