Saturday, March 22, 2008

March Monthly Card Swap

Has anyone else just gone head over heels for Hannah? This is the second time I've received images for the monthly card swap that are Hannah stamp images. She's so darn cute! This image I received along with the beautiful decorative paper and just couldn't come up with the sentiment, so I filled the whole space... the sentiment will have to be on the part of the sender who uses my card.

I wasn't completely pleased with my coloring job... don't know if it was me or the cardstock. This particular cardstock that was used wanted to drink up the ink. Of course that might have been due to all this drywall dust that's been overtaking my house the last several weeks!!

Back to the card... I have totally fallen in love with Almost Amethyst again. It's my new old favorite. And I love love love the new Swiss Dots Cuttlebug folder! And of course we know that lately Melissa has had a thing for scallops. You also cannot imagine how excited I was when I dove into my bag 'o ribbon and came up with this GORGEOUS satin ribbon that matches perfectly. I squealed! Literally. (haha! my daughter's new favorite word)

I hope you likey! I have some other cards just waiting to be published on here, so maybe I can update more often!!!

Happy Easter everyone.

3 Encouraging Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I love this card! It is beautifully colored :-)

toners said...

Beautiful! I love the Hanna Stamps :) You picked an awesome color combo here :)

ScrapnVA said...

I LOVE your card!! You did a great job!!
You should submit it for publication.

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