Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I posted a photo of a card last night (a little something from Inque Boutique) and a comment was left on it... one that was spam. I do not appreciate such comments being left on my blog, these sorts of comments infect computers and why anyone would want to be that destructive to someone else is beyond me. Please beware of a commentor called Dumuro. My blog will now require a word verification and if this doesn't stop it, I will start moderating the comments. I am only sharing my beloved hobby with others who share my interests... I will not allow you to damage my computer or anyone elses.

To my faithful readers, thank you for your understanding.

3 Encouraging Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

That drives me crazy... I always wonder why people create things like virus stuff... do they just extra time on their hand... thanks for the warning!

Maria said...

I had the same thing happen to my blog yesterday, I do not know why someone wants to hurt a complete stranger. I agree, URRGGGGHHH!

ScrapnVA said...

Thanks for posting the warning! I hope you've solved the problem.

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