Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Prettiest Thank You!

Recently I participated in a Secret Girlfriend swap. For this swap you send a gift for everyday for a whole month, it sounds like it's expensive and I suppose it can be, but when you're a part of the crafting world, you well.... get creative.

I had the absolute best time giving to my secret girlfriend, which turned out to be I was her secret girlfriend, too! We spoiled each other!!! It was absolutely the best round and I'd partipated in 2 others.

I would like to share with you the thank you card that she made me... I'd been struggling with making her the perfect card to say thank you and then hers came and well, anything I come up with now will pale greatly in comparison!! Check this beauty out:

I scanned it in because I'd hoped it would capture all the detail and it doesn't look too bad, but in real life, it's breathtaking!! I put a piece of black card stock behind it because the base is a plastic coaster that's pretty much clear. I just discovered these in the TAC catalog... so cool!!! The back of the card has her message. And thank you Jen for giving me permission to share your lovely creation on my blog.

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