Saturday, January 9, 2010

In Memory of CJ

Hello everyone. Happy Sunday!

It was about a week ago that I was pretty bored. No crafting mojo to speak of, didn't really want to watch a movie and I don't have a book at the moment either so I was playing around on my computer. I read a few blogs and then got on Facebook. Let me say, I am not necessarily a fan of Facebook - I don't get what all the charm it holds for some. Well, I was messing around and decided to go looking for some old friends from high school. I was surprised that I found a few. One of them being a someone who was very dear to me, particularly in my sophomore year.

I was excited to see that he didn't have his page blocked, so I sent him a note. I was really happy to learn that Roger had married and I saw that he had a beautiful little girl. Then I was very sad because I learned that his little girl had been diagnosed with a brain tumor on January 20, 2009. You can read more about Charlotte and her family here. Sadly, Charlotte passed away on January 7th. My heart goes out to Roger and his wife Rachel.

Well, Roger and Rachel have created the CJs Thumbs Up Foundation in order to pay it forward. Their mission statement is this: To provide financial support to families of children with chronic, life-threatening illnesses through individual giving and public/private partnerships with organizations who have similar goals. So I set out to find a way to help.

I contacted my friend Joni, owner of Inktegrity and asked her if she was willing to draw a stamp that I could sell. All proceeds from the sale of this stamp will go directly to to further their cause.

Joni created this beautiful stamp. I think it really encompasses what little I knew about CJ. I knew that her parents, family and friends would read to her a lot. I knew that CJ really loves the Disney princesses. And I knew that she is thought of as a butterfly. I'm not sure that I really have that right, but they did hold events for friends to see Charlotte that were called Butterflyway home. Joni captured all of that in this stamp.

I hope that you'll consider helping out this wonderful family and wonderful cause and purchase this stamp. Once I receive payment via PayPal, I will email you the stamp. Please bear with me if I'm slow on this because I am new to this sort of thing. I will also keep you updated periodically on how much money was sent to

Please come back later when I've added my card - it got so late last night, that I just couldn't do it. I was really afraid of what it might turn out like. LOL

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Jackie Randolph said...

Oh Melissa, this a wonderful of you, I can not even imagine the lost of losing a child. Joni has made a fantastic image. Going over to the spot to help out.


Unknown said...

Melissa, I think it is wonderful what you are trying to do. I made a post on my blog so that others will purchase the image. I already purchased the image and hope to post some completed projects this week using it.

God Bless!

Arielle H Gordon said...

Hey Melissa ~ I saw this on your blog, and have put a link on the colourQ blog to try to help out! I figure a lot more people look at that than my personal blog... so I hope it helps!


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