Friday, March 15, 2013

Easter Gift with Scor-Pal

Hi everyone!  Happy Friday.  I have a fun project to share with you that I am so super excited about.  I mentioned {on my blog} that I have been rediscovering my punches.  And with this rediscovery, I needed to incorporate that with Scor-Pal.  First let me show you what I created and then I'll tell you all about it.

Isn't this cute?  I swear to you, I was doing the happy dance when I finished this.  So excited that it came together!  Let me talk about the bunnies first.  This was the punch art that I discovered on a You Tube video by Dawn Griffith.  It starts out by creating a wrapper for the candy bar.  I scored according to her directions, but they are for KitKat bars, not little Hershey bars, so I ended up forgoing the score lines and just wrapping the candy bar with Springtime papers (by Echo Park).  Then proceeded to make the bunny out of large and small oval punches, tag punch, 1/2" and 1/4" circle punches, a gel pen and a Copic liner.

So how did I incorporate the Scor-Pal?  Here's the very exciting part for me.  I created the picket fence box!

Firstly, I created the base from a 4 x 4 square of white cardstock.  I scored at a 1/2" on all four sides.  Stamped the grass on the edges and then created the box bottom.  I then cut 20 3/8" x 2" pickets.  Lined up 5 of them side by side and stamped more grass on them.  Then I cut the crossbar piece which is about 12 1/4" inches.  So, of course, it was cut in two pieces and then spliced together with Scor-Tape.  I scored the crossbar at 3, 6, 9 and 12 inches.  Then on the Scor-Mat I carefully laid out 5 pickets just inside the 0 and the 3 inch marks, spacing the middle pieces out evenly.  With liquid glue I put a thin line of glue on the pickets where I wanted my crossbar piece to go.  Then laid the crossbar down to adhere.  Then repeated this process until all four sides had their pickets.  Then I applied more liquid glue to the end of the pickets, lined it up to the base bottom and if you did it with precise measurements, the sides will just "roll" along each side.  When this is done, there is a 1/4" hang over from the crossbar, which is scored at 12" - this is your tab to close up the box.  Then I just stamped some flowers and a dragonfly, fussy cut them out and glued them onto the box.  Filled it with Easter grass and the bunnies.

I wish I had thought to do a picture tutorial but I was so excited to get my idea into paper that I didn't bother with the camera until the end.  I hope you enjoyed this share without it.

4 Encouraging Thoughts:

Tara said...

Wow! I can see why you were doing a happy dance. This is a terrific project. Super cute and perfect for Easter!

Sheri Gilson said...

These are super duper adorable! Great job, Melissa!

Jessi Fogan said...

How fun is this? Don't you just LOVE it when it comes together how you wanted?! Awesome!!

Theresa said...

Okay, this is just too darn cute! I love it!! I wouldn't have the patience, but what a great project. I love the candy bar wrappers - awesome kiddo!

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