Saturday, March 30, 2013

TPE Scrapbook Challenge Saturday

Good Morning everyone - Happy Saturday.  I hope you had a great week.

So, I went a mission yesterday or maybe it was the day before.  I decided I need to jump on the digital scrapbook band-wagon.  I want to learn how to do it.  A few of my teammates on The Pink Elephant scrapbook team do all digital designs and they look so cool, so I solicited their advice and asked questions.  They were very helpful and very encouraging.

My little discovery took me to reading up on different photo programs such as PhotoShop.  I decided that was a bigger investment than I make right now.  So another teammate suggested My Memories Suite.  And one of their reps has been emailing for over a year to do their giveaways, try the software for free.  So I did it.  Then I couldn't wait for her to send my free software, so I used my own coupon code (I'm an affiliate, see sidebar) and bought the software.

This week's challenge at The Pink Elephant is an Ella's Pink Print.  Be sure to visit the blog so you see the sketch.  And here's what I did....

So here's my very first digital scrapbook page.  It's basic, it's super simple - but hey!  I did it!!  I like this software, so far.  I'm not ready to do a giveaway and I'm not ready to give me complete review - but so far, it's pretty fun.

My Memories Suite software
My kids

4 Encouraging Thoughts:

Grandma Bonnie said...

Melissa, it'a great Digital page and you are right, posing pictures aren't the only ones to scrap..this one tells a story!

Debbie said...

Great LO!! Reminds me that I need to get back to scrapping!! I like playing with paper, but maybe with digital I'd actually get some done!

Angela said...

Great photos of your kids!!!

Theresa said...

How funny! The kids are so big. Brendan has big hands!!

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