Friday, May 1, 2009

Road Trip!

Hi All! Hope you're well.

I have a fun little project that I made that features an image from Modern Sugar Blvd. This one isn't available yet - but it's coming soon!

This is the MSB Scooter - isn't it cute! I live in the WV Eastern Panhandle, so the Virginia stateline is just 20 minutes away. I border Winchester, VA - home of Apple Blossom. You've heard of Strawberry Days, Mayberry Days, Apple Harvest... Winchester, VA has a festival called Apple Blossom or The Bloom. It lasts all weekend long and it starts tomorrow. It's colors are pink and green, which are also my daughter's colors. So this little frame is for her. She went on a field trip last year and these were some cute photos taken by her and her classmates.

On the left are her friends and on the right is my silly girl!

On a more serious note, please visit a pretty little girl that is in need of your help. You can read all about her here and you can help her just by doing a little of what you love. Modern Sugar Blvd. has an image and a line of digis (the 3 on the top row when you click the link) that proceeds from the sales will help this beautiful baby girl. Also, Katie at Paper Makeup Stamps has a digi image that is a beautiful fairy that Diem drew quickly (and did an amazing job) for you to purchase and again proceeds from the sales will go to this family. I hope you can help, too. Do it for Kayleigh.

And lastly, don't forget to share your creations for the blog challenge using Shop Gal from Modern Sugar Blvd. - she's free, she's adorable and there's more free digis as a prize! Keywords BLOGC8 on SCS. I'm also extending the date just a bit. I'm going out of town tomorrow afternoon until Saturday afternoon. Joni, Gabby and I will announce the winner Saturday evening, so you have all day Saturday to still enter.

4 Encouraging Thoughts:

Tenia Nelson said...

Love this, Mel!!! Great job!! Hope you are well....

Susie M. said... cute!!! I love it mel!! what a great idea! TFS!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mel! I competed with my Concert, Jazz and Marching Band at the Apple Blossom Festival, both my sophomore and Senior years of high school!! Small World...

Jessica G. said...

Fabulous gift idea! I love the scooter image (it reminds me of 'Sasha'on Scrubs) and how perfect for travelling photos!!

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