Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Feature

Hi - Happy Friday! Whoo-hoo - I just love short weeks!

We'll start today's entry with Hollyanne's Friday Feature card... she has some really great ideas in the works but she didn't have enough time tonight to work on them. She only had 15 minutes to bedtime so she created a simple and very cute card in minutes that I know any one of her little friends would love to receive. I think it's going to her pen-pal.

She finished it and showed it me and my question was "what stamp is that?" LOL That girl knows more of what's in my collection than I do! This is Lizzie Ann stamp set. The sentiment is from a leftover package of rub-ons that she asked if she could have. And (Gabby are you listening?) I can't keep that girl out of my Prismacolor Markers! She said that she can't wait until I discover better markers 'cause then she'll get the prismas. Haha!

OK and for my Friday feature... Be on the look out for new releases over at Modern Sugar Blvd. We were told we didn't have to sneak peek, particularly if one didn't get their projects done until the day before they were due... ahem!

In a way this is a sneak peek 'cause this in only a portion of the project. Come back tomorrow for a better look.

Have a super day!

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Unknown said...

another great card Hollyanne!

And I see I have a fellow procrastinator at MSB :) I just posted mine as I JUST finished them last night LOL

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