Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's C-c-cold and Sn-sn-snowy!

This is what we woke up to....

This is the back yard. The fence line is almost gone and it's a 4' fence!

That lump is Woody's car - mine is next to it. Beyond that is two of our neighbors trying to dig out.

Our front yard off to the right of the front door.

Woody and Brendan... that's a whole lotta snow! And it's still coming down!

And wouldn't you know it - this was the weekend the furnace decided to give out. Urrrgggh!!

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Diane (djuseless) said...

Can I send my hubby down to come play at your house? He has been complaining that we are not getting any snow in MA. Plus he can't go snowmobiling without snow. Please!!!!! I'll pay you!

~*Joni said...

Wow! That could be our neighborhood, we are enjoying the white stuff since we planned ahead for it. And the nice part of being on base is that they come and shovel for you. ;)

Tammy said...

Oh My Gosh!
I would not know what I'd do if we got that much snow. I'd be cooped up in my house battling cabin fever I think!
I'd totally agree with Diane too. Cody has been wining about wanting snow here in MO. He'd be in heaven up there.

Jackie Randolph said...

Oh Melissa, that is a heck of a snow storm. We didn't get near as much here, only about 6-7 inches.
I sure hope you can get someone out to fix your furnace and soon, as I know it's a cold one. Take care!
Big Hugs to you.

Jessie said...

WOW that is lots of snow! Have not seen it like that in years. Hope you get your furnace fixed soon. Keep warm!

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